[TIPS] The Best Weapons that You Should Have Now in Battle Bay

Today we continue our series of Battle Bay guides by trying to answer the difficult question: whates the best weapon in the game? Because, yes, even if you get the best ship, you still need to equip it with the best weapon.

The problem when answering this question comes from the fact that there are so many weapon types in the game and each ship can go for a different build. Therefore, even though the Mortar, for example, is a really good weapon, if you only go to battle with a Mortar, you might not perform too well. So many things have to be taken into account. But definitely the most important is that of knowing exactly what each weapon does in the game.

So in order to answer whates the best weapon in Battle Bay, we have to talk about the weapons themselves for a bit. There are a total of 19 weapons that you can find, buy and eventually equip, so weell start with details on each of them and some thoughts first.

Battle Bay Weapons

Cannon - this is one of the easiest to find and also one of my favorites early on. It deals a solid amount of damage, has a quick cooldown time and decent range. A decent weapon that you can use as a primary or secondary, great for taking out single enemies.

Blast Cannon - the upgraded Cannon does a whole lot more damage, but has shorter range and the speed of the projectile is lower. It has a high cooldown time, making it only viable as a secondary weapon in my opinion.

Sniper Cannon - Even more damage at greater distances, with a projectile that hits its target quickly. Although it doesn't deal as much damage as the Blast cannon, it's the better option in my opinion as a secondary because of the increased range and higher chance of actually hitting the target. High cooldown time, though.

Explosive Cannon - a little beast that brings havoc on the battlefield. This one fires projectiles that deal Area of Effect damage, also damaging nearby ships. It does a ton of damage, but it's extremely slow and has a huge cooldown time. Definitely works only as a secondary weapon.

Carronade - an interesting approach to short range battles, this one shoots 4 projectiles that travel pretty fast, tearing down enemies that stand in its way. Low damage per projectile, but decent as a whole, this can be used as a primary weapon thanks to its low cooldown time, but it's pretty difficult to use in my opinion, especially since it requires you to be very close to the enemy. Therefore, it might work better as a secondary, for those moments when you are in a place with multiple enemies stacked together.

Grenade Launcher - An interesting weapon and definitely a good choice as a secondary (because of its high cooldown time). The grenades have a decent range and can set your enemies on fire for 5 seconds, while dealing a lot of damage as well. I like them!

Standard Mortar - Many people love this one because it deals a ton of damage and has a wide range of impact. It requires a bit of practice if you want to be able to actually get the most out of its shots because they are really slow and ships can potentially leave the impact area, but it has a huge range and decent cooldown time for a secondary at just 10 seconds.

Long Range Mortar - As if the range of the regular version wasn't already huge, this one offers the best range in the game. It has the same cooldown time, but larger radius. The extra distance it covers, though, comes at a cost: lower damage, making it a poorer choice in my opinion.

Ballpark Mortar - Even lower damage for a Mortar that covers a lot of ground. This one has the same range as the Standard Mortar, but covers a large area. Can be good under the right circumstances, but I still believe that the Standard Mortar still wins the battle so far in terms of who's the best.

Big Bertha - This one is impressive and scary as a secondary weapon. It deals a ton of damage and covers a large area, having a decent range as well. As a potential problem it has a long cooldown time and requires 2 slot points from the beginning, so it's definitely not one for beginners.

Big Torpedo - A great weapon that might work as a solid primary in some occasions, even though it has a huge cooldown time. It does a ton of damage though and has a decent radius as well, but the projectile is extremely slow.

Swift Torpedo - A faster version of the torpedo that does a little less damage, but has a lower cooldown time as well. It only needs 1 slot points, so it's easier to equip it and in my opinion is the best choice since it tends to hit the target more often than other torpedos.

Triple Torpedo - This one launches three torpedoes in an arc, each dealing a ton of damage. The further away you are from your target(s), the wider the angle, so with a bit of practice you can use it to deal a ton of damage to a single ship - although that doesn't normally happen. It has a really long cooldown time and requires 2 slot points to start with, so not one of the best options in the game.

Railgun - A perfect secondary weapon, in my opinion. It deals a ton of damage and usually hits the target because of its fast projectiles, but it requires a lot of time to reload. It also needs 2 slot points, so it's definitely one to use in the later stages of the game when you have upgraded your ships.

Missile Launcher - This one fires three missiles with decent range and medium damage. Cooldown time is lower than usual, but not low enough to use it often or make it a primary. Better for starting moments of the game, but usually useless in later stages when the enemies are not grouped together. Definitely not a favorite.

Mine - The mine can deal a ton of damage if enemy ships hit it. The big problem is that once you drop a mine, it's visible on the screen and most people will be able to avoid it without a problem. But it might work great as a secondary, especially if you plan your mine placement beforehand.

Flare Gun - An interesting weapon that deals damage over time to enemies it hits. The base damage is really low, but if you have the time to wait for its effect to disappear, it is very painful. Even better is the fact that the cooldown time is lower than the duration of its effect, making it a really good weapon in the right hands.

Napalm Launcher - A weapon that's very difficult to use, just like the mine. This one sets the water on fire on a large radius, but only damages ships that go through it, for as long as they are in the affected area. Damage is solid, but there are better options out there at the moment.

Fire Bomb - An improved version of the Napalm Launcher, which is most likely to hit a target. It deals a bit less damage and requires more time to recharge, but it has a solid radius and decent duration. If you really want to pick between the two, definitely go with this one as your secondary.

What's the best weapon in Battle Bay?

With weapons that are so varied and especially with different combinations that you can try in battle, it's really difficult to choose a winner. There are many people having a lot of success with the Flare Gun, while others are enjoying using the Mortar.

However, I have a different approach and it seems to pay off so far: I constantly use the Cannon. I would even go with two Cannons for ships that can hold two weapons. Why is the Cannon such a good weapon? Well, it deals decent amounts of damage, it has a decent range, but what matters the most is that you can fire it often. Under the right circumstances, you can take out enemies in one to one battles easily without them being able to fire more than one shot at you. And this is big!

So this would be my opinion. As I said, many factors should be considered here and the best part about Battle Bay is that it has so many potential setups that almost all weapons can prove to be extremely useful.

But what do you think about this? What's the single best weapon in Battle Bay?