World of Warcraft 7.3 & Beyond: The Next Villain!

I've been pondering for a while now about what's going to happen down the road past 7.3 and beyond, and tonight I thought I'd share a bit of a list of "bad guys (and gals)" who are still alive and who Blizzard might utilize in the future. This list has a little over a dozen baddies, some of which may be used in future patches (7.3+) or even entire expansions based around them.

[Spoiler Warning: There WILL be some spoilers from both the game, the Chronicles book, and other places, so if you don't mind that - read on!]

Anyways, without further warning, here are the baddies that we know are still alive and well (in some way), in no particular order:

1) Mal'Ganis

Why he is important: He was the personal jailor to the Lich King, and beckoned Arthas to chase him to Northrend during the WC3 campaign, leading Arthas to become the new Lich King.

Last seen: Summoned into our world by Gul'dan on the Broken Shore, in front of the Tomb of Sargeras.

Current whereabouts: Unknown.

Where he might show up: He is currently on Azeroth, but he may retreat back to Argus and we may have to deal with him there - or he may be disguised as another individual, as Nathrezim are tricky like that. We may see him before the expansion is up.

2) Lord Jaraxxus

Why he is important: It's everyone's favorite Eredar, Lord Jaraxxus from the Trial of Crusader raid in WotLK - "You face Jaraxxus!"

Last seen: Summoned into our world by Gul'dan on the Broken Shore, in front of the Tomb of Sargeras.

Current whereabouts: Unknown.

Where he might show up: Unsure, as I feel like he should have made an appearance by now. He could be plotting something further.

3) Sathrovarr the Corrupter

Why he is important: He was the Dreadlord responsible for possessing and corrupting Kalecgos in the Sunwell Plateau (in BC).

Last seen: Summoned into our world by Gul'dan on the Broken Shore, in front of the Tomb of Sargeras.

Current whereabouts: Unknown.

Where he might show up: Just as Jaraxxus, Sathrovarr should have showed up already and possibly confronted Kalecgos - but perhaps he is going to get "back" at Kalec by going after his love - Jaina Proudmoore. By possessing her. Turning her into a Dreadlord.

4) Kel'Thuzad

Why he's important: He formed the Cult of the Damned which was responsible for spreading the Plague throughout Lordaeron, and became one of the Lich King's most powerful agents, commanding Scourge from his necropolis, Naxxramas.

Last seen: His physical form was defeated in Naxxramas years ago, but his phylactery had not been destroyed.

Current whereabouts: Unknown, either still residing within his Phylactery, or brought back and plotting.

Where he might show up: Kel'Thuzad may not make an appearance this expansion, but if they are to have another undead/scourge themed expansion, Kel'Thuzad would have to show up - if not be the main villain.

5) Queen Azshara

Why she is important: She was responsible for bringing in the Legion the first time, and is ultimately responsible for the deaths of millions, as well as the resulting sundering of the world 10,000 years ago.

Last seen: While questing in Azsuna, players get captured by Naga and are rescued by Prince Farondis, who meets face-to-face with Queen Azshara herself, who forewarns that her "wrath" is coming. This is in reference to the last boss of the Eye of Azshara dungeon, literally named "Wrath of Azshara". However, during the dungeon, after you defeat King Deepbeard, with his dying breath he ominously warns: "You... haven't won... She... is almost here..."

Current whereabouts: Under the ocean, perhaps in Ny'alotha, the sleeping city.

Where she might show up: Quite possibly next expansion, if King Deepbeard's warning is accurate - Azshara herself seems to be on the way.

6) N'zoth

Why he is important: He is an Old God, responsible for twisting the former Night Elves under Azshara into Naga - so almost every Naga you see in game is under his command (some aren't).
Last seen: Not since the days of the Black Empire.

Current whereabouts: Largely unknown, although he may be residing in, or under, the sleeping city of Ny'alotha - although there is speculation that he may be under the Temple of Elune, on the Broken Shore, as according to the Warcraft Chronicle Vol 2, page 105:

"After vanquishing Sargeras' avatar, Guardian Aegwynn sought a place to bury the body so that its dark magic would not disturb the world. She settled on the sunken ruins of an ancient Night Elven temple (which we now know as The Temple of Elune) ------ which some legends say was built upon an even older structure of mysterious origins."

Where he may show up: Quite possibly next expansion, but most definitely tied/paired with Azshara in some way, as they are directly bonded with each other (he honestly might be banging her).

7) C'thun

Why he is important: Also another Old God, responsible for all the things in Silithus and everything to do with Silithid.

Last seen: A portion of his form slipped through the cracks of his prison cell, which players defeated back in AQ40.

Current whereabouts: Locked up in his cell, under Silithus. Unsure if he has internet access.

Where he may show up: It's quite possibly that next expansion, all the Old Gods are released from their cells, and we have to deal with all hell breaking loose on Azeroth.

8) Yogg'Saron

Why he is important: He's another Old God, and arguably the most active of the remaining 3, as he is responsible for many things: the Curse of Flesh, the Emerald Nightmare, corrupting Loken (who corrupted Helya), driving everyone in Ulduar mad, and his link to the Scourge may have been poorly expressed by Blizzard during WotLK, but he was bonded to the undead in many ways.

Last seen: A portion of his power slipped through the cracks of his prison into Ulduar, which had been defeated by players.

Current whereabouts: Locked back up in his cell.

Where he might show up: Just as with C'thun, Yogg'Saron may show up in an expansion in the near future, at full, or at least, recovering strength - alongside the other Old Gods.

9) Varimathras

Why he is important: Varimathras is a Dreadlord and was an agent of the Burning Legion, then betrayed his brothers and offered his life in service to Lady Sylvanas, whom he served for several years, residing beside her in the Undercity until WotLK.

**Last seen: Players who played during WotLK will remember the Wrathgate events and what followed after; Grand Apothecary Putress, who unleashed the New Plague on both factions and the Lich King, was under the command of Varimathras. Players then take part in a united Alliance/Horde "scenario" where you defeat, and kill, Varimathras in the Undercity (note: this is no longer available in-game).

Current whereabouts: Demons, of course, do not die, but return to the Twisting Nether where they are reformed. It's possible that Varimathras has not yet fully recovered, after we *really** beat the shit out of him*, so he may still be in the Twisting Nether, as he does not appear on the Broken Shore - and has not been seen since WotLK.

Where he might show up: Possibly Argus, if Blizzard remembers he exists. Unless he is still recovering, it's quite possible we would see him even further off into the future, alongside Mal'ganis (although, Mal'ganis might still be a little pissed off that Varimathras betrayed his brothers Detheroc and Balnazzar in WC3, which, wasn't that long ago).

10) God King Rastakhan

Why he is important: Rastakhan is the ruler of the Zandalari Trolls, who sits upon his golden throne in Zuldazar, the capital of Zandalar. The Zandalari Trolls are the most powerful tribe of Trolls, and thus, Rastakhan, being their God King, may be one of the most powerful Trolls alive (rip vol'jin).

Last seen: We only see him in-game as Lorewalker Cho tells us the story behind him and Zul (the troll prophet responsible for the Zandalari trolls being in Pandaria, on the Island of Thunder, and allying with the Mogu).

Current whereabouts: Rastakhan refused to leave his golden throne, even as we learned (through various texts in-game during MoP) that Zandalar was possibly sinking, or already at the bottom of the ocean. The fate of the island, as well as Rastakhan's, and the other Zandalari troll's, is currently unknown.
Where he might show up: As with Kul'Tiras, speculation has long held that Zandalar may make an appearance in WoW in the "Azshara expansion" (typically called South Seas expansion), and if Zandalar is not currently at the bottom of the ocean, Rastakhan should make an appearance as well, and he's probably not going to be very friendly toward us.

11) Void Lords

Why they are important: Void Lords are beings of pure shadow that dwell in the Void. They are the direct opposite of Light, which is to say, they are essentially pure Evil, and all indications seem to point to them being the final baddies to defeat.

Last seen: Ultimately, the void, or fragments of them, can be found nearly everywhere, such as Dimensius the All-Devouring, whom Xal'atath refers to, among others, as "fragments, shadows, the faintest of echoes". Other notable Void entities include Voidwalkers (that Warlocks summon), Voidcallers, Void Revenants (such as Nhallish in Shadowmoon Burial Grounds, and even some beings can be infected/fall victim to the Void, such as Naarus (who become Dark Naarus), or even player Shadow Priests, when using Voidform or Surrender to Madness (you guys really shouldn't be playing with that power). The most notable/famous Void beings are the Old Gods themselves.

Current whereabouts: Technically, the Void (or Shadow) exists wherever the Light is absent, but for all intents and purposes, we're focusing on the big baddies who exist within the Void.. where exactly that is, I have no idea.

Where they might show up: Again, this can be left up to speculation. Some believe, according to the Anduin comic, the final battle will take place in the distant future, with High King Anduin leading the forces of the Light, alongside Prophet Velen, to battle with the Void. Where this takes place is beyond me, but as Anduin/Velen and the Army of Light are on the Exodar, they may be travelling through the Great Dark to find the Voidiest-Voidy part of the endless Void, and just, I dunno.. stab the fuck out of the Void.

Below here is a list of "maybes", in that they aren't **currently villains but very well may become one in the future.**

1) Sylvanas Windrunner

Why she is important: She is the current Warchief of the Horde, connoisseur of Val'kyr, and Blizzard seems to be building up as a potential villain, with her recent antics in Stormheim and colonialist mindset.

Last seen: Attempting to subjugate Eyir with use of the Soulcage, trying to force the Val'kyr to obey her instead. She is thwarted by Uncle Greymane. And is pissed.

Current whereabouts: She is currently chilling in Undercity, but occasionally uses a cellphone whenever a Horde player nears a Warden Tower, and proceeds to yell at them to crush Greymane's forces.

Where she might show up: One can spend countless hours speculating on the future, and fate, of Sylvanas Windrunner, but in all likelihood, we may see her confront Alleria, her sister, if we should come across them on Argus (which we may, as Blizzard plans to update Turalyon's model, will return with source later). However, as far as the "villain" role goes, that's left up to interpretation and could be dealt over the next couple of expansions.

2) Wrathion

Why he is important: He is the ~last~ one of the two last remaining Black Dragons, and directly responsible for the Warlords of Draenor expansion, as he had his agent Kairozdormu free Garrosh and transport him to AU Draenor, ironically enough the vision which Wrathion had of the Legion returning to Azeroth, was kind of caused by him.

Last seen: Although many might not have seen him, he briefly made an appearance in WoD, during the Legendary Ring questline - players returning the Tomes of Chaos to Cordana Felsong will see Wrathion, in whelp-form, sitting on a Kirin Tor banner outside of Khadgar's tower - spying? - which he then, upon seeing the player, will quickly fly away to who-knows-where.

Current whereabouts: Unknown, although during the Legion Beta, Wrathion did make an appearance in Highmountain (during the Ebonhorn questline), but this has since been scrapped.

Where he might show up: At this point, we have no idea, although he may be brought in next expansion - oddly enough, for warning and trying to prepare us to unite against the Legion, Wrathion is conspicuously absent in, y'know, fighting the Legion.

3) Bolvar Fordragon, the New Lich King

Why he is important: Currently, he's the Jailor of the Damned, and current Commander of the Scourge, as well as player Death Knights. He's also kind of losing his shit since putting on the Helm of the Lich King.

Last seen: Player Death Knights are commanded, by Bolvar, to raise Tirion Fordring as the 4th and final Horseman. This plot fails, however, the morality of this command is questionable at worst, and practically a declaration of war onto all Paladin-kind.

Current whereabouts: Chillin' out on his throne.

Where he may show up: Blizzard may intend on putting the new Lich King up as a villain soon, if not in the next expansion, then certainly soon after. Whatever the case may be, Bolvar probably can't continue on much longer.

4) Jaina Proudmoore

Why she is important: Jaina was formerly the Leader of the Kirin Tor, until lots of things happened and she went crazy and racist (justifiably, though).

Last seen: She bailed on her position as Leader of the Kirin Tor when she was told the Horde would be taking up residency in her city.

Current whereabouts: Unknown, although speculation leads us to believe she may have gone back home to Kul'Tiras, an island nation southwest of Gilneas.

Where she may show up: It's long-been speculated that Kul'Tiras would become available/in-game once the "Azshara expansion" comes out, as oceans and islands and what not. This is further reinforced by a small 'easter egg' currently found in-game, in Azsuna - in the Sea Giant Arena, we get a glimpse of Zandalari Trolls and Kul'Tiras sailors, obviously shipwrecked. This may be hinting at Kul'Tiras being available soon (next expansion), and if Jaina has returned there, that's where we will find her.

5) Magatha Grimtotem

Why she is important: She killed Cairne. She's the leader of the Grimtotem, and currently allying with us (Shamans) for "her own reasons".

Last seen: Player Shamans help her and recruit her as a Champion for their Order Hall, as well as the Doomstone (powerful artifact), which players take away from her.

Current whereabouts: Standing 2 feet away from the Doomstone, unguarded.

Where she might show up: It's unlikely her story will be pursued further this expansion, as Blizzard does not seem keen on doing too much more Class-specific story quests (as per recent Q&A), at least not in 7.3 or 7.4, if they did one. Next expansion she may be more centralized as a villain.

6) Xal'atath, Blade of the Black Empire

Why she(?) is important: She's extremely ancient, dating back to the time of the Black Empire, and speculation believes she may be the remains of a forgotten Old God, or even the claw of Y'shaarj itself.

Last seen: She was last in the possession of the Twilight's Hammer, being used in a ritual to reanimate Zakajz the Corrupter, an agent of Yogg'Saron.

Current whereabouts: She is in the hands of player Shadow Priests, and occasionally whispers sweet nothings to them.

Where she might show up: Although Blizzard has stated they plan to have us lose our artifact weapons after Legion, perhaps in some climactic sacrificial way (aka, Broxigar and the Axe of Cenarius), it's quite possible that Xal'atath would be used differently post-Legion, as she is incredibly knowledgeable and possibly of ill-intent. She is Void, and Void is not good.

That's all for this list. Some of these are not villains at the moment but may become one in the future (Sylvanas, Magatha, etc), so I've included them in this list. I can't think of anymore to add to this list and I'd like to keep this list relatively up-to-date for reference points as to who-the-hell-is-still-out-there-that-we-probably-maybe-have-to-fight, so if you think of anyone or if I've gotten something wrong in this post, please let me know down below and I will edit as needed.