How to Get the Secret Llama Motorcycle in Ghost Recon: Wildlands Narco DLC

While the Ghost Recon Wildlands Narco Road DLC has garnered more than a few complaints from its playerbase, there's at least a secret llama motorcycle you can find and use.

I'm not joking.

It even shoots rainbow exhaust out of its butt and has a unique ignition sound.

I was initially taken aback with the release of Narco Road. The Wildlands DLC maintained some of the original mechanics, but posed a whole new feel to the title's world. After mentally separating myself from the themes of the base game, I've begun to accept the nitro-boost monster trucks, muscle cars, and extravagant themes. And then I found the secret llama motorcycle. It's wildly silly, but will, from now on, be my regular mode of transport.

Here's how you can find the llama motorcycle for your own use:
  • Head over to the Jinetes Locos zone of the map. This is where Tonio Mateos is the boss.
  • While in the correct zone, head to one of the Santa Muerte tombs. There are two tombs in this province, so head to the one closest to Pilca Village.
  • Once you reach the tomb, there is a helicopter you will need to use.
  • Fly to the large archway by the tomb and land on the top.
  • The secret llama motorcycle should be under a hoisted pile of stones.
You'll need to own Ghost Recon Wildlands Narco Road in order to find and use the secret llama motorcycle.

Source: Youtube