This Player Reaches Level 10 Reputation on All Samurai Classes in For Honor

Player Reaches Level 10 Reputation on All Samurai Classes
One For Honor player has dedicated himself to the Samurai Faction, achieving at least Reputation level 10 across all the available Samurai classes.

At the time of his accomplishment, Nikiso played about 631 hours since For Honor's release, the large majority of which was spent leveling the Kensei, Shugoki, Orochi, or Nobushi. That's a considerable amount of time considering the game was released on February 14. In total it's been about 64 days from release, which means he's played 631 of 1536 hours available just to reach this point.

The For Honor player considers himself a Kensei main, but quickly realized that if he reached Reputation level 30 on his main, he'd no longer have a reason to continue playing. Thus, he was inspired to play the remaining classes -- well, the remaining Samurai classes to be more specific. "Why?" Nikiso asked himself. "I don't know, but the game is very cool and I would like to not get bored of it."
I love the Kensei. I would like to play Kensei only forever, but I realized as soon as you get Rep 30 there is no motivation to keep playing the character. So, I decided to level all the Samurai characters to 30, which will keep me entertained for more time.

When asked how to level faster, he regards Dominion as the game mode with the quickest experience gain. Play Dominion and don't sleep, or cheat, he said. However, he reassured that none of his Samurai characters were AFK-experience farmed. He's only ever betrayed the game like that with his Warden, which he has at Reputation level five.

From his playtime, Nikiso was able to farm over 50k Steel in excess. He's purchased everything he's wanted so far in For Honor and is holding out for either the new executions that were in the latest patch, or for the Ninja or Centurion DLC characters. To celebrate, though, he's going to order "one of those anime pillows. Must reach max weeb level asap."

Currently, Nikiso has no plans of changing Factions and will continue his grind of the For Honor Samurai classes, 10 Reputation levels at a time.